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Current Sensor

  galvanic isoliated DC current measurement
for susceptibility tests up to 270V/m
practically no emission
  versions 1A, 10A, 100A, voltage drop 60mV
6 samples/s, generation of TTL trigger
  outputs data to USB and HS-CAN / LS-CAN
USB to CAN Interface to log e.g. EMC related data


brand new: 

Microbox 100Base-T1

fiber optic transmitters for:
100Base-T1 (automotive Ethernet), 100Base-Tx, FlexRay, HS-CAN, LS-CAN, LS-SW CAN,  LIN, K-Line, J1850, SENT, RS-232, RS-485
  compatible to: Canbox and Optocan 2000
  100% FlexRay, CAN and LIN compatible
ideal for emission and immunity tests (270 V/m)

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Microbox Battery

nominal 8.4V DC - 2500mAh
Output Current max.1A
overcurrent / undervoltage protection
supplies 2 Microboxes for 16h

Current Sensor EMCtools Microbox
Mcrobox Battery

datasheet datasheet
datasheet 100Base-T1



ESD Protector

ESD-Protection for: FlexRay, HS-CAN, LS-CAN, LIN-Bus
ideal for the protection of fiber optic transmitters
(Microbox) during ESD-tests

ESD-Protector Tester

Handy Test device for a quick check
of the ESD-Protector


fiber optic CAN / LIN transmitter
5 independent channels
version 1: 5x HS-CAN
  version 2: 1x HS-CAN, 2 LS-CAN, 2x LIN
  version 3: fully customer specific
compatible to: Microbox and Optocan 2000

ESD-Protector ESD-Protector Tester

datasheet datasheet

LWL Relais-Box

fiber optic remote relais box
 8 independent channels
  dc isolated no/nc relay contacts
 max. 250mA or 300V or 3W
push-buttons and on/off switches
Controllable via
PC (RS232 or USB or CAN-Bus)

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Comb Generator

  The first Comb generator with
"built in scale"
variable comb frequency 100kHz-20MHz
for use up to 2GHz
  high / low power selectable
battery life more than 20 h with LiIon


Multi Bus Tester (MBT)

test device for: HS-CAN, LS-CAN, LS-SW CAN, LIN, K-Line, J1850
ideal for testing fiber optic transmitters
replaces an automotive DUT, loadsimulator and a stimulator with bus supervision.

> device for tests available <

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datasheet datasheet datasheet


for High- and Low Speed CAN / LIN-bus
generates user defined trigger pulse for:
Identifier and Error-Frames
ideal solution for EUT monitoring
during EMC tests

LISN / AN calibration fixture

suitable for:
Schwarzbeck NNBM 8125
Schwarzbeck NNBM 8125 BCI
Schwarzbeck NNBM 8126 A
Schwarzbeck NNBM 8126 G
Schwarzbeck NNBL 8225


Dual Monoflop

Perfectly suited for DUT supervision:
2 independant Monoflop-channels
Monoflop time 0.1 - 3s
Trigger range lower and upper limit can be set separately
Input voltage 0 - 10V
TTL - Output, BNC-connectors


datasheet datasheet

datasheet updated 29.07.2019